Dating to realting

First of all, there are different types of relationships or ways to relate to women that men have.

Among the types of sexual relationships men and women have are: Prostitution (pay for sex) One night stands Friends with privileges Dating with casual sex Lovers only.

There are different rules of how to relate to women and different procedures for establishing each kind of relationship. EVERYTHING is SITUATIONAL when it comes to meeting women and how to relate to women.

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90% of the girls I meet want to go out on a second date with me.

However, I only want to go out with about 5% of the girls I meet-not because they are not pretty but because I am beyond that – all the girls I date are pretty, but I am looking for a certain personality that is a good prospect for marriage and I won’t settle for anything less.) Though I will go into each of these complex interactions of relationships and personalities elsewhere, for now, let us stay focused for the moment on the commonalities we find in any of the above relationships and how to relate to women.

Arrangements (You take care of me, I’ll take care of you) Multiple Lovers Swinging Affairs (cheating on someone) Girlfriend/Boyfriend Living together Marriage. Rx CLICK HERE) And lucky for you, I understand how to relate to women and can explain it.

Divorce (Yes some people even have sex after marriage, sort of friends with privileges phase again.) So the first question we have to ask when talking about relationships is “What Kind” of relationship. (I’m not the only guy who has been there and done that, but I may be one of the few who understands it and can explain it SITUATIONALLY and in DETAIL.

(When I say CLOSE I mean that the girl wants a second date with you.

I don’t mean that you actually have to go out with 90% of the girls you meet on a second date.

Now, when a salesman finds out this emotional answer from the potential buyer he closes the deal by establishing rapport and repeating the emotional words to the potential buyer. ” When you get the definite emotional response, note the exact words she uses, and say them back to her exactly.

So the salesman doesn’t say, “Well, it’s 32 inches, HDTV and the highest tech, blah blah blah…” Instead he says, “Well, if you really want to show your wife that ‘you are the boss’ you will get the 32 inch, HDTV, with PIP because it screams “boss! “Yeah, I hate it when people don’t listen”, “I love old cinema.” or, “Selfish people are such a turnoff.” Now when you get a little more experience and you start to recognize personality types and approach a personality type knowing something about them before you even talk to them, you can take rapport to a new level, and say something that would be exactly what they would say before they get a chance to say it.

” Or he says, “If you really want to reward yourself because no one else does, then you’ll get the super audio 40 inch HDTV, blah blah blah.” Or he says, “If you really want to show your boss you are a better person than him then get the blah blah blah! Find out her passion, find out what she hates, find out what she loves. So when you have that first date with the girl you have never met before and from ten feet away you can see she is an “angry” women, then you establish rapport when you walk up to her and the first words out of your mouth are, “Did you see what that hostess said to me?

” When you find the emotion behind the guys behavior – no matter what it is – you will establish rapport. I hate rude people like that, they make me soooo angry!

Different personalities types want different things out of a relationship, they also interact differently — some compatibly, some boringly, others not so compatibly. Thus you can see it evolves that the strategies or technologies of meeting and relating to women are numerous and complex themselves, because basically you need a different strategy for EACH DIFFERENT SITUATION you find yourself in.

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