Dating website for recovering addicts

tells the story of a eight-year-sober 33-year old man who, on the advice of his AA sponsor, “religiously avoided dating” for six months.

The official policy of Alcoholics Anonymous (as laid out in the , a sex coach points out that substance abuse warps how people see themselves, and others around them; by the time they get to recovery, people have no idea of who they are.

There are, thankfully, a number of apps and social networks exclusively geared towards people who don’t drink or take drugs.

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Soberse was founded by John Humphreys, who had trouble meeting people with shared experiences while he was in recovery.

According to the Soberse website, the 20-something ‘wanted to create something for people just like him so he and many others could have the chance to meet the right people.’ Clean Fun Network does not have an app at present, though there does appear to be one ‘under construction’ and we definitely felt it should be included here.

‘It’s so important for people to understand that [sobriety] is not the end of fun,’ said CFN founder MJ Gottlieb.

‘You can have infinitely more fun, and actually remember what you did the next morning.’ Dating while in recovery from any substance abuse disorder can be challenging.

Loneliness can be one of the greatest challenges when it comes to a successful recovery from alcohol or substance abuse disorders.

Not only does addiction destroy relationships, the recovery process often requires us to separate ourselves from previous friendships and acquaintances as we take the steps we need to stay sober.

When it comes to relationships, the realities and rules of abstinence after addiction become all the starker.

Whether as a client or a companion, a guide to sober dating is very important in understanding how matters of the heart change.

While many addiction treatment counsellors advise that it’s unwise to enter a serious relationship too early in recovery, there will come a time when you feel you’re ready to start dating again.

For those in recovery, the Internet can provide an excellent means of connecting with like-minded people.

In the early days, remember that recovery is your top priority.

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