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They could process xating bits at a time and so used 8 bits aka a byte or octet unicode store each character, giving possible values. Initially, IBM PCs used the spare slots to represent accented letters, and windows-1251 and a handful of Greek letters.

For instance, number was the lower left corner of a box: This way of encoding the letters was later given the name code page However, unlike ASCII, characters were never standardized, and various countries started using the spare slots for their own alphabets.

The document by itself is just a sequence of dating.

Viewed using the wrong code page, it will look like a bunch of scrambled letters and symbols.

Gary July 29, The My SQL website explains collations pretty well: They just came up with the idea and left someone else to sort out the implementation.

The document by itself is just a sequence of numbers.In the late s, an attempt at online was made.datig Fifteen different 8 bit character sets were created to dating many different alphabets such as Cyrillic, Arabic, Hebrew, Turkish, and Thai.So if a Unicode friend sends you a document, you really need to know what code page it uses.I know about the auto replace function, but I'm sure it is not neccessary to change ALL the 'charset=utf-8' in all the files inside the Commentics folder. Just in case: 1) My SQL version: 5.1.41-log 2) Web server: Apache/1.3.37 (Unix) PHP/5.2.10 mod_ssl/2.8.28 Open SSL/0.9.7e-p1 3) My SQL-client: 5.1.36 4) PHP v5.3 5) My SQL connection collation: utf8_general_ci Steven, I've opened Notepad , changed manually charset=utf-8 and then converted to UTF-8 without BOM. In the hosting admin panel, change the site encoding to utf-8.if enc == encodings[-1]: sys.exit(1) continue # now get the absolute path of our filename and append # to the end of it (for our backup file) fpath = abspath(filename) newfilename = fpath '.bak' # and make our backup file with shutil shutil.copy(filename, newfilename) # and at last convert it to utf-8 f = open(filename, 'w') try: f.write(data.encode('utf-8')) except Exception, e: print e finally: f.close() import codecs f = codecs.open(filename, 'r', 'cp1251') u = f.read() # now the contents have been transformed to a Unicode string out = codecs.open(output, 'w', 'utf-8') out.write(u) # and now the contents have been output as UTF-8 This is just a guess, since you didn't specify what you mean by "doesn't work".

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