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Phil set up a fake profile of a teenage girl on Facebook, complete with a profile picture and albums of photographs.

The fakes he uses are of girls over 16 but look young for their age.

The head of paedophile vigilante group Predator Exposure has said he is motivated by the number of “depraved” people he comes across in his line of work.

The father of five, who gave his name as Phil, began his unusual operation, based in the UK, when he was asked by a friend to catch a man who had been talking to their daughter on Facebook.

“Once you have done that, the friend requests start flooding in,” he said.

“It happens really quickly, it is quite sickening to see how fast older blokes come on to request these young girls as friends.” His Predator Exposure campaign has spread worldwide, attracting followers in Australia and South Africa. “I work full-time and then come home on a night and do this.

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