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Allocation of Payments Between 736(a) and 736(b) d. Payments Other Than 736(b) Payments - 736(a) (1) Definition of 736(a) Payments (2) Tax Consequences of 736(a) Payments (a) Distributive Share of Partnership Income (b) Guaranteed Payments c.

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Liquidation of a Partnership Interest for Property E.

Payments for Goodwill (1) Post January 5, 1993 Withdrawals (2) Payments For Goodwill For Which 736(b)(2) Applies 2.

Even the general partnership can achieve most of these characteristics by a carefully drafted partnership agreement.

Nevertheless, Subchapter K has not been amended to recognize these changes.

Finally, Part V analyzes §736, which characterizes partnership payments made to a retiring partner or the successors of a deceased partner, dividing them between those that are liquidating distributions allocable to the retiring or deceased partner's interest in the partnership (including goodwill and similar intangibles) that are governed by the principles discussed in Part IV, and any other withdrawal payments, which are classified as either distributive share payments, with their character determined by the allocable share of partnership income, or guaranteed payments, which are ordinary income to the distributee without regard to partnership income, depending on whether their amount is determined by partnership income or not, and are, in effect, deductible (or excludible) by the partnership (remaining partners). Comparison of a Current Distribution with a Loan Transaction 3.

It also addresses estate and income tax considerations relevant to a deceased partner's successors, other than those involving §736. M., Partnerships—Formation and Contributions of Property or Services; 718 T. Overview of the Rules Governing Partnership Distributions A. Characterization as a Sale Transaction or a Distribution 4. Elliott Manning, AB (with honors) Columbia College (1955), JD m.c.l., Harvard Law School (1958). M., Partnerships—Disposition of Partnership Interests or Partnership Business; Partnership Termination; Choosing the Business Entity (Little Brown 1995); and Corporate Buy-Sell Agreements (Little Brown 1995). General Rules Applicable to Partnership Distributions B. Subsequent Sales of Distributed Property Introductory Material A. Worksheet 3 Excerpt from Committee on Ways and Means, U. Worksheet 4 Excerpt from Senate Report of the Committee on Finance on H. Insurance Payable to Partnership (Funded Buy-Out) 4.

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