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What are some specific, practical things you can do to get to a place where you feel you absolutely have the right to create and can begin to connect deeply with your own creative process and start to actively pursue your creative dreams?

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It may sound like something out of the fantastical, but Haven & Hearth was built entirely by two Gnomes in a Tower. Haven & Hearth is mostly a free game, and if it's worth nothing to you, you don't have to pay us anything for it.

The Gnomes are day and night hard at work providing you with this strange and wonderful thing, and would very much appreciate any excess Gold you'd care to throw into their rainbowed pot in exchange, for the toils of gnomish labors are lessened with each dubloon. For the fair price of a song we are already providing you with the above.

Every time we release a new patch for the game – and sometimes on other occasions!

– we also release a Support Token – usually a Hat – which can be bought for some, limited, time after the release of that patch or event.

Let me start with what I offer as proof that you, whoever, wherever you are, undeniably possess creative ability.

We are all born with incredible creative abilities, and few things in life make us happier than fully engaging those abilities.

This is intended behavior, and they are not reimbursed, retreived, or restored, in the event that they are lost.

Some equipment and objects in game allow you to display your own, personally customized and uploaded imagery on them.

If you are so inclined to engage your brain actively in this moment (always a good exercise for strengthening creative muscles), make a list of all the ways your creative process could benefit from paying attention. A biopic is a film that depicts and dramatizes the life of an important historical person, sometimes stretching the truth and telling the life story with varying degrees of accuracy.

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