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The Q&A queue on your Conference View dashboard is used to notify you as the host that a participant has a question when they are in the Q&A mode.The Q&A queue allows you to engage the individual so that they may ask a question.

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"Our UK online tutoring service has been using Groupworld since 2012.

Parents and students have found it to be easy to use and very reliable.

All of our products are available in fully hosted "cloud" solutions, as well as self-hosted versions that you can install on your own server.

We can also develop customized versions of any of our applications, and we can provide bespoke managed, hosted services. We have been developing online whiteboard, web conferencing, online tutoring and collaboration software since 1998, and our software is used by many schools, universities and online tutoring businesses around the world including My uk, who are the largest online tutoring service in the UK.

The audio key is located in the bottom left corner of the Conference View page.

Breakout conferencing allows conference hosts to place callers into four sub-conferencing rooms to which callers may connect to from the main conference room. Anytime during a live conference call, hosts may distribute callers into 4 separate conferencing rooms.

This is where you control and manage your live conferences.

The dashboard allows the host to view all joining participants, as well as record, mute, hold, lock conference, identify participants and drop participants.

For more details and instructions, please refer to the Support page.

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