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It was nice not feeling obligated to talk — sometimes you just want to be together.” — Abby On meeting friends: “I once walked into a store, and the salesgirl had just moved to Chicago and was so cool. Fast forward to years later, I was the maid of honor in her wedding!

I wouldn’t have met her if I hadn’t just asked if she wanted to hang out.” — Caitlyn “After moving to Omaha, I struggled to make friends.

We wanted to spend time together, but were going through busy times in our lives and felt socially exhausted.

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On a whim, one Saturday night, I responded to a platonic Craigslist ad from a women who had dogs (love dogs), did yoga (me, too! We hit it off and almost four years later, we’re still friends.

We’re even done a cross country road trip and are planning to go to Scotland this year.

It’s like happy hour, but cheaper and happier.” — Kelley “I began a tradition of grabbing a solo drink at a neighborhood bar after work.

At first I was nervous, but before I knew it, all the faces were familiar, and I’ve made very good friends.

It works, and I kind of love it.” — Sadie On meaningful hangouts: “A wonderful female friend hosts a monthly gathering of women.

Everyone brings food, and after some eating and settling in, one woman tells her story (whatever ‘her story’ may be).The Club is located on land once owned by John and Abigail Adams.With five, brick-red clay courts and clubhouse facilities that include a spacious viewing porch, separate rest rooms with showers for men and women, soda machine and refrigerator, the club is the finest outdoor clay court facility in the Boston area.Hosted, this year, by Cohasset, the weather started out overcast but as Quincy amassed wins early and often, the skies cleared and so did the path to victory.Quincy Tennis Club brought home the 2017 trophy (last one was 2012).We try the samples, debate recipe ideas, check out their makeup section and usually grab one sweet treat to split afterward.

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