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With that in mind, today’s blog is addressing the one specific topic which is to take action if there’s no sexual intimacy.

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Of course, certainly, ideally my hope for you as a couple is to find your sexual couple style.

My desire for you is to connect in a sexually intimate way that pleases both of you in quantity and in quality. The goal is to find a healthy sexual balance of quantity and quality that fits for both the husband and the wife.

Continue to keep the lines of communication with your spouse open and figure out as a marital team what can be done about this particular challenge. If I try to say anything to improve our sex life she immediately becomes defensive and says “Maybe you should find somebody who has nothing better to do.” Which breaks my heart because I would never want to do that to her. I’m a senior minister in a growing church thats depending on my integrity and leadership. Haven’t cheated, but I’m baffled that men who do get a bad wrap, when the faithful, bill paying, cooking father gets frustration. You are certainly doing the right thing by communicating with her in an honest way that you are longing for more.

Just as you would converse about any other challenge, tackle it together… Don’t sweep sexual intimacy under the rug and ignore it. Like most ignored topics, it surfaces out in other ways and/or will eventually lead to an outcome that is not a happy one. Take your man, take your woman, kiss them, caress them, feed them this meal they are so hungry for. Media Psychotherapist Guest Expert; Relationships, Parenting, Human Behavior, Analyzes Timely Topics In The News. Married 26 years and sex has been a minefield of ok times and bad blow ups. I have worked for 25 years to reach this point in my career and I feel it has trapped me in a marriage I sometimes wish I could change. You mention that other spiritual women have shared with her but there’s been no improvement.

Whether you are a man or a woman, yearning for sexual intimacy with your spouse is a healthy desire.

Longing for sexual intimacy left unfulfilled in quantity and quality is a challenge, and a taboo topic for many. This blog article is not a discussion about different desires in frequency.

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Feeling sexually deprived in marriage is not uncommon.

Outcome For Scenario B: Wife lives an existence in marriage where she is sexually deprived.

She either: a) has had, is having, or is considering having an affair, or b) will eventually leave the marriage, or c) lives sexually unfilled and masturbates (which leaves her unfulfilled), despite this she remains.

The myth is that it is only married men who feel sexually deprived.

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