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Here are some thoughts about how to master the media instead of being manipulated by the messages: Know what you believe.

How will you be able to distinguish the truth from lies in media if you don't know the truth of the Scriptures on a variety of issues? If you allow yourself to create fantasy lovers through media sources, you stand in the courtyard of the house of adultery. Don't depend on the movie rating system and on movie reviews.

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But loving behavior makes even our most mundane conversations melodic.

Similarly, loving well adds muscle to our faith (see verse 2).

You get your clothes on and go back to the rest of your day or night without much thought about what you have just done with your partner.

Sex might seem rushed, predictable and even lackluster when your intimate life is void of a deeper intimacy that has less to do with what your genitals are doing and more to do with how your minds are connecting during moments of affection.

Because he comes only when she okays the action while offering her oral pleasure or other forms of pleasurable intimacy such as a sexually-charged cuddle , most men who dive into Devotional Sex become enthusiastic givers of oral.

When he finally does ejaculate, the pleasure racing through his body is likely to be more intense and offer a deeper bonding experience with his partner. However, the aim is the same across all couples who participate in this more conscious form of making love: They feel a deeper and more satisfactory connection to their partner.

God can dial down our selfishness, release us from our insecurities and scorekeeping, and refresh our delight in our partner, so that we can begin to know the blessing of loving well.

Yesterday I talked about the way the media monster can damage your marriage.

The Lord expects us to do our best—to throw our hearts and wills into all aspects of loving well.

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