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But enough trivia about the hardware (which you can use to impress your date with.) At night, the bridge comes alive with lights designed to highlight its double-helix structure, making it the perfect place to wrap up an evening of wining and dining.

Why not go for a spa treatment with your significant other?

St Gregory’s Spa is known for offering some of Asia’s finest healing therapies and treatments.

If making out 36 metres above ground fits your idea of date night, the beautiful Henderson Waves bridge might just be the perfect place for you.

Awash with romantic yellow lights from 7pm to 7am, Singapore’s tallest pedestrian bridge features a distinctive wave-like structure, cozy alcoves, and thoughtful benches.

(That’s almost equivalent to the length of a 2.4 km run!

) Amazingly, the double helices only touch each other in one position, under the bridge deck.Located at the end of Ann Siang Road, Ann Siang Hill Park’s winding paths can be accessed by taking the stairs next to Siang Cho Keong Temple.The park offers a bird’s eye view of Chinatown’s conservation shophouses.It is a top nature attraction that is hotly popular with families and couples, so be prepared to share the space on weekends and even weekday evenings.From here, it is a short leisurely walk up to Mount Faber Park for some nosh and more scenic, intimate views of Singapore.Some of these dating places in Singapore even come with secret gardens and hidden nooks, perfect for fanning the flames of romance or cosying up with your significant other.

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