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(Although not perfectly, yet) Companies are using them to engage with their customers, sell products and offer support.

Now, a team of 6 students from Named Sophie Bot, it has been fed with information on sexuality and sexual health, and is able to give this information to users via Facebook, Telegram, Messenger and Twitter, in regular text chats, or even voice chat.

The system includes anonymous forums, which enables users to ask the community any questions they may have, if the Sophie is not able to answer.

In the UK, we had classes starting in primary school (where I was completely shocked at seeing a baby being born) and going into secondary school.

Methods of learning vary across Africa, with some young people gaining good knowledge and some gaining none at all and having to rely on the stories from their friends.

With a little support and education, these girls could have gone through school and made a difference in a village that is striving for success.

I was always dismayed that some men were able to take advantage of these girls, by first withholding knowledge from them, and secondly abusing their positions within the community.

So, where can these kids get access to information, if they can’t get it from talking to family or in schools. Chatbots have been a big topic in the marketing world over the past couple of years.

They are becoming easier to make and artificial intelligence is enabling them to learn on the go.Harassment and discrimination are not only fraught with negative emotions, but the prospect of reporting incidents is often so daunting that those who’ve experienced it won’t say anything at all.While the #Me Too movement is encouraging more people to speak out against harassment, the majority of women who experience sexual harassment at work (close to 70%) don’t tell a superior about it, according to a report from the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.Julia Shaw, a criminal psychologist and memory expert at the University College London, is hoping the newly launched Spot can do the job.The chatbot, developed with cofounders Dylan Marriott and Daniel Nicolae, uses artificial intelligence and memory science.Each entry is time-stamped and constitutes as evidence if it’s ever needed.

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