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Dating Tips from Mary Balfour Field tested tips on setting the scene for that first date I’m Mary Balfour and my job is to help people fall in love!It can be quite tough out there for singles seeking a soul-mate in our crazy disconnected world.In fact, Schnarch finds that our preoccupation with attachment, with its ideal of feeling and acting as one, keeps partners infantile and overly emotionally dependent—enmeshed, in the language of psychology; fused is the way Schnarch puts it. The consistent attention of a caregiver allows a helpless baby to develop emotional security, the hallmark of which—in fact, the condition under which it is tested—is his growing ability to explore the world on his own.

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"We've eliminated from marriage those things that fuel our essential drives for autonomy and freedom," says Schnarch.

"It becomes a trap that actually prevents us from growing up.

And it pays wide-ranging dividends in domains from friendship to creativity to work.

To understand just how subversive such thinking is, it helps to know that Schnarch has been articulating his ideas about the emotional and erotic power of independence within relationships just as mainstream psychology has almost unanimously endorsed attachment as the heart of adult relationships.

A first date, whether you’re 18 or 80, can be a bit intimidating, especially if you haven’t dated for a while.

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Schnarch contends that marital attachment doesn't leave enough space for partners to speak their own mind, think their own thoughts, or attain their ambitions and dreams.

Attachment not only reduces adults to infants, it also reduces marriage to a quest for safety, security, and compensation for childhood disappointments.

If you can stand your ground with your partner, who means so much to you, you can defend your turf at the office and maintain your principles when pressured.

Claiming adulthood is an evolutionary mandate, Schnarch insists; "1.2 million years ago the human cranium evolved to maintain a sense of selfhood.

Dependent partners, by contrast, spend their lives compensating for each other's limitations and needs.

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