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Harold won of course, because how the hell wouldn't he have?

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, a brand-new dating app that scans your immediate surroundings for… NYC Are you on a budget or not sure if you want to spend dough on your date? NYC This restaurant reminds me of Nantucket meets a Vermont ski lodge.

And we update the resumes of all of the winning chefs.

See ‘Hell’s Kitchen’ winners: Where are they now, who is your favorite from seasons 1 to 16?

Allow me to numerate.- Saw the Da Vinci Code with Gwen.

If you're one of the five people who haven't read the book, sorry.

She was also the chef consultant for the 2007 American remake of the German film, Mostly Martha, called No Reservations.

Lee Anne Wong grew up in Wynantskill, New York, a small town outside of Albany, NY.

She also blogged about the show for Bravo, and hosted the webcast Top Recipe: The Wong Way to Cook, in which she demonstrated how to prepare various winning dishes invented by the program contestants.

Wong began her college education at the Fashion Institute of Technology, where she studied fashion design, but later transferred to the professional cooking program at The French Culinary Institute.

But it had Ian Mc Kellan in it so that was cool.-Saw most of the American Idol Finale. Taylor wins, in what was only the second least surprising ending of the night.

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