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Death is it is commonly understood is a cessation of bodily functions.

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This field represents time-space, mass-energy in one single continuum. Interpretations are memory patterns that act as a lens and create experience. In the modern world, media creates our shared reality, our thoughts and what we believe as real.

Like food, water and shelter, experience of joy and ecstasy is a fundamental human need. Politicians have control over media and in turn control over our shared reality and our everyday thinking.

Such energetic present moment experience has to consistently sustained by creating exciting futures.

When one can accept, surrender and relax fully in present moment, the present moment is profoundly exciting in itself.

When one lives in spontaneous experience of joy and ecstasy, the desire for sex and addiction drops. To relax and be aware of the present moment is meditation. Inherently, everything and everybody are connected, related and one at the source. Media does not report facts because there is nothing like facts.

Addiction is natural if the natural desire for joy is not fulfilled. Science is an objective enquiry in to the nature of world.

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In fact, all so-called natural forces are learned habits. Till the time one is identified with body, the health and state of body has profound effect of person’s mental and emotional state. Mind affects body and body in term affects mind in a complex and profound way.

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