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It is an intense, persistent fear of being watched and judged by others.This fear can affect work, school, and your other day-to-day activities. But social anxiety disorder doesn’t have to stop you from reaching your potential. “In school, I was always afraid of being called on, even when I knew the answers.

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Researchers are also looking for ways in which stress and environmental factors may play a role.

First, talk to your doctor or health care professional about your symptoms.

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People with social anxiety disorder may worry about these and other things for weeks before they happen.

Sometimes, they end up staying away from places or events where they think they might have to do something that will embarrass them.

Doing everyday things in front of people—such as eating or drinking in front of others or using a public restroom—also causes anxiety or fear.

The person is afraid that he or she will be humiliated, judged, and rejected.

For example, you may think that people are staring or frowning at you when they truly are not.

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