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The higher the internet speed, the more expensive will be the price of the internet package.You should know how much internet speed you will need so that you will only be paying for what you will only be using.

If you have the right comparison tools, you will be able to get the best offer for your money.

Based in Nova Scotia, City Wide has been connecting Atlantic Canada since 1997 they are a locally owned and operated internet service provider that has coverage mainly in NB, NF, NS & PEI.

When using the comparison tool, all you have to do is enter your postal code and choose the type of internet package that will meet your specific needs.

In just a few seconds, a list of all high-speed internet plans New Brunswick can offer will be available for your review.

has a total of 8 Internet providers that match your results. Please call this provider or visit their website for more details.

There are 6 Cable providers, 6 DSL providers, 1 Fiber provider, 1 Fixed Wireless provider, 1 LTE provider, 1 Satellite provider and 1 Wireless provider in total. provides service throughout all of New Brunswick, Tek Savvy Solutions Inc. Please call this provider or visit their website for more details.* May only be available in select metropolitan areas. Finding value-for-money internet package can be a challenge considering the number of internet providers in New Brunswick. At Compare My, you can easily check out the best internet plans in New Brunswick.Our user-friendly comparison tools will help you search for the best internet providers in New Brunswick, making it easier for you to separate the ‘chaff from the grain’, so to speak.Internet plans offered by various internet service providers (ISPs) can easily be assessed using the following parameters of comparison: The best internet package provides you with high-speed internet connection.There are so many types of internet plans available, so make sure to subscribe to an internet plan that offers value for your money.There are several up-and-coming local ISPs that offer great internet packages at competitive prices.

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