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A walk in the park, a shared reading experience, an outing with pets … By the Laws of Attraction, the best way to attract what you want is to be yourself.

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Moreover, when two introverts meet, the conversation may never get started at all. She is an INFP type introvert on a crusade to raise awareness that introversion is a legitimate personality type. An example of a couple like this is Jackie Onassis and John Kennedy.

Fortunately, there are some techniques to improve your introvert dating experiences. Nancy has helped over 100,000 introverts from all over the world with her gigantic website full of resources, tips, encouragement and sharing by and for introverts. INFPs can meet ESTPs by joining groups that crusade for the things they believe in. Instead of torturing each other over coffee, meet somewhere like the zoo or see a great movie together.

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Dating can be difficult for introverts and extroverts.

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