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While was a mostly fiction thriller, it represented the other end of the spectrum: a space where difference is so widely acknowledged that it reverts back to judging others solely based on difference.Bodies of the film’s black victims became mere vessels for the perpetrators to live out the fantasies that their own mediocrity hindered. By sending out one of their own to date black men and women.

That turn of events revealed the worst of what can happen when we try to revert back to the "I don’t see color" attitudes that were largely left in the 20th century.

People of color are increasingly fed up with this approach, which aims to sweep America’s racist past under the rug—along with the ethnic identities that shape the nation’s growing population of minorities.

The interracial relationship was a bait that gave victims the illusion of equality and interracial love.

This, particularly coming from a biracial writer-director who is half of an interracial marriage himself, was a harsh metaphor: It told audiences that the world has a long way to go before difference is embraced instead of fetishized, marginalized, hated, and feared.

But it also revealed some of the ways that even now, even in families devoid of overt racism, interracial couples are up against an additional set of challenges. For Chris’s part, his friend Rod speculated that he was only dating Rose because of their physical relationship.

Although they pale in comparison to the horror film’s violent crimes shown later on, they are likely the kinds of prejudice-based remarks that interracial couples face more regularly.

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During the past 30 years alone, big- and small-screen creators have nudged the boundaries, progressing in lockstep with their audiences.

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