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The stress gave Mark terrible headaches, made him nauseated, and raised his blood pressure.

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It is important to understand that one incident of any of these behaviors does not necessarily constitute cyberbullying.

Rather, this type of bullying requires a pattern of repeated behaviors. She maintains an A average in all of her classes, and tutors other students in French.

Cyberbullying has become especially problematic in children and teens, as today’s electronic connectivity gives such bullies a platform from which to gain a large audience, and even additional participants in bullying.

With immediate access to the judgements of others, it may be difficult to discern what is classified as bullying, and what is simply the negative opinion of another person.

At least two nearby teens, including Lisa, are quick to snap photos of the incident.

By the end of the day those photos had been shared by text message and Twitter with nearly every student in school.

Bullying is the use of intimidation, coercion, threats, or force to dominate others.

Bullying behaviors are often habitual, creating a long-term problem for victims.

There are four primary types of bullying, some of which are more prevalent among children of various ages.

While the following types of bullying are commonly associated with individual bullying, they are often used in collective bullying, known as “mobbing.” All types of bullying may include these circumstances: Workplace bullying refers to a pattern of repeated hostile or bullying behaviors against an employee, or a group of employees.

These actions are often intended to undermine, degrade, or intimidate the victim.

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