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Reports (July, 2014) say the number of quakes in central-eastern US has quintupled recently. New hazard maps as of 7/17/14 Nat Geo US News good reference Good, knowledgeable overview - next quake busy being born, not dying Maybe Mag 7.3 shake ahead? each year (which it is), the tension over 500 years would be significant. The report is based on new methods of studying what's beneath the ground. A USGS report of September 30, 2013 says the weak rocks under the Reelfoot Rift fault lines extend into the mantle, much farther than weak rocks found in other ancient rift zones in the central and eastern US. It’s when they drill a well and produce it, some of the fracking fluids come back. Mo insurance commissioner calls on insurers to offer better products.

Stein has said many times (1999, 2007) NMSZ is "dying". Casting doubt - A 2010 AP story says a new study casts doubt that the New Madrid fault zone unleashed a series of quakes in 1811-12. "Suggesting (current quakes) are just aftershocks and therefore (the New Madrid fault) is dead doesn't follow," says Susan Hough of the USGS (11/09).

We have a seismic zone that produces earthquake clusters.

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If any foreigner visits vinnista try to get him as your taxi cab driver.

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Sparks' Lincoln County, OK, has 181 reinjection wells.

In November of 2011 it happened east of Oklahoma City near Sparks and Johnson, Okla.

they pump the water back into the ground into a deep aquifer to get rid of it. But at least 65 percent of damage would be covered by insurance." From 2002 to 2009 fewer Mo. No mention in 1812 Boston papers of quakes ringing local church bells. "We don’t know whether the fault is inactive or quiescent.

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