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Before becoming a movie star, she was used to having him close home but things have radically changed over a short period of time.

However, he describes his wife as a strong woman who understands how to handle his busy schedules away from home.

Friday Night’ is the first movie that has been directed and produced by the actor. The movie talks about four married men who engage in funny activities whenever they go out on Friday nights.

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Ghana has played a big role in shaping his acting career since he was young.

The fact that he does not work with Ghana producers does not mean that he is in bad terms with them.

He was only six years old when his father died, thus he was raised by his mother whom he considers as his hero.

Vicker also describes himself as a global citizen since he moved around the world a bit with his mother while growing up.

Many people do not actually know about Van Vicker’s website but he has an official website. The website contains all the information concerning his acting career as well as previews of upcoming movies.

It also contains his travel plans and you can find out when he will be visiting your city.In most of these movies, he plays the role as the main character.Apart from acting, Van Vicker has a passion for directing movies and is currently working to actualise this dream.Looking more beautiful and gorgeous in her long wedding gown, the star actress, shared the wedding picture of the behind the scenes of an upcoming movie dubbed "Stalemate" which is being directed by Pascal Amanfo and produced by Abdul Salam.We can’t say this enough, Jackie Appiah is blessed.He acts in Nigeria but his family lives in Ghana due to the busy schedule his wife runs in Ghana.

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