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Peyton Manning turned a grown ass woman into a full Mary Katherine Gallagher.

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With that in mind, let’s meet the Olivia Williams Manning, aka the matriarch of the Manning family; the wife of Archie Manning and the mother to Peyton, Eli and Cooper.

Archie Manning met the former Olivia Williams while attending Ole Miss together.

Following the team's win over the Chiefs last week, players kept coming up to Manning and slapping him on the back to congratulate him.

Writes von Valkenburg: He was grinning like a high school kid, but each time it happened, he winced in pain, looking every bit like a 39-year-old man with a sore neck who wished he could see the hits coming, if only so he could brace himself for such a hearty celebration.

He was averaging just 215.5 passing yards per game with a 58.8 percent completion rate. His numbers haven't been this low since his rookie year. As Charlie Pierce noted last week in Grantland, if Manning never took another snap he'd still go down as one of the all-time great quarterbacks in the sport.

The only soft spot in his legacy — if you even want to call it soft — is that he has only won one Super Bowl.

Due to all the negative press the NFL has suffered over the last couple of weeks — self-inflicted, I should add — this story was destined to find its way across the internet.

It’s thought that no one has made that big of a deal over it because, when it reportedly occurred, there wasn’t a Twitter or Facebook or [insert social network of choice here] to make it spread like wildfire.

She is also a well-known realtor, often regarded as the ‘Real Estate Mogul.’ Ashley owns a real estate development company that promotes the development of downtown residential properties.

She has a long list of achievements as an entrepreneur, and is equally successful in managing her personal life too.

Next come his shoulder pads, which, when yanked over his head, generate a groan that is a mixture of suffering and sweet relief.

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