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However, they began to incorporate more influence from gothic rock bands such as The Mission, The Cult, The Sisters of Mercy and The Lords of the New Church.Their sound was described as a mix of the gloominess of gothic rock with guitar-powered rock 'n' roll.It was followed in 1995 by Savage Garden which featured Hanoi Rocks guitarist Andy Mc Coy on the track "Wild Talk".

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The album spawned four singles, the aforementioned Gothic Girl, Brandon Lee, The Chair and Stolen Season. After the release of Blessed Be, the band did their first short tour in Germany which included a show at the M'era Luna Festival.

Support for the tour was Norwegian rock band Zeromancer.

The band began 2009 by touring in Europe as a part of Hellhounds Festival with Tiamat and Ava Inferi.

In early 2009, The band started initial recording for their ninth studio album with Grammy award-winning producer Matt Hyde. It was also revealed that Johnny Lee Michaels provided post-production work in Helsinki.

In recent times, with the release of Back in Blood, The 69 Eyes have moved back to a more guitar-based sound, although gothic imagery and lyrical themes remain forefront in their style.

Formed in the bars of Helsinki, Finland in the summer of 1989 by Jyrki 69, Archzie (formerly of Syyskuu), Timo-Timo, Lotto and Bazie, The 69 Eyes originally had a glam metal style and were compared to other Finnish glam metal acts such as Smack and Hanoi Rocks.1997 saw the release of Wrap Your Troubles in Dreams, which fans generally mark as the last 69 Eyes "glam-era" album.The title track of this album was re-recorded for the Angels album 10 years later.This same year, the band released their final two 7 inch EP's, titled "Juicy Lucy" and "High Times Low Lives".The band's second CD "Motor City Resurrection" was released in 1994 via Japanese Label 1 2 Records.This video was released on DVD in Finland with a bonus behind the scenes feature and marked first ever music DVD released in the country.

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