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In the end both were surprised to find their expected allies turning against them as invaders.

At the same time, the revolution in Iran, the destabilization of the country, and its alienation from the West made it a tempting target to the expansionist Saddam Hussein.

In particular he felt that Iranian Sunni citizens would rather join a powerful Sunni-led Iraq than remain in the Shi'a dominated Iran.

Iraq then expelled 70,000 Iranians from its borders after complaining to the Arab League, and the UN, without any success.

One of the factors contributing to hostility between the two powers was a dispute over full control of the Shatt al-Arab waterway at the head of the Persian Gulf, an important channel for the oil exports of both countries.

Iran attempted to destabilize Iraq and encouraged Kurdish nationalists to break up the country, in answer to Iraq's similar activities in Iran's Khuzestan province.

Iran's embassy in London was even attacked by Iraqi terrorist forces a few months before the war in 1980, in what came to be known as The Iranian Embassy Siege.The two nations severed diplomatic relations in June 1980, and sporadic border clashes increased.On September 17, Iraq declared the Shatt al-Arab part of its territory.Thus both sides entered the war believing that citizens of the southern portions of the enemy's country—Sunnis in Iran and Shi'a in Iraq—would join the opposing forces.Neither seems to have fully appreciated the powers of nationalism over historically clan-centered differences, nor the power of the central state apparatus, who controlled the press.The Ottomans handed over Mohammareh, which was part of Iraqi territory, to Iran." The Iraqi regime's dissatisfaction over Iran's possession of oil-rich Khuzestan province was not limited to rhetorical statements; Iraq started supporting secessionist movements in Khuzestan, and even raised the issue of its territorial claims in the next meeting of the Arab League, without any success.

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