Liquidating and nonliquidating distribution

She contributed a parcel of this land (basis ,000; fair market value ,000) to a partnership, which will also hold it as inventory.

liquidating and nonliquidating distribution-20

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Treatment of loss and gain on inventory received during liquidating distribution 7.

Section 1231 gain, Taxable gain on land contributed sold by the partnership three years after contribution 8.

$0 loss; $20,000 basis $14,000 loss; $6,000 basis $5,000 loss; $-0- basis $15,500 loss; $4,500 basis None of the above Questions include: 1.

computation of basis of noncash property distribution to partners 2.

partnership tax basis if equipment contributed has a market value less than tax basis 5.

Treatment of cash distribution over and above tax basis 6.

The distribution consists of ,000 cash and property with an adjusted basis to the partnership of 0,000 and a fair market value of 0,000.

Delilah receives a proportionate, nonliquidating distribution from the Carbon Partnership.

The distribution consists of ,000 in cash and land with a fair market value of ,000.

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