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Scientists say that the sun is what makes the temperature rise south of the equator, but we think its the women!

If you haven't seen the chicas (women) from 8th Street Latinas, you're in for a spicy treat.Tokom višegodišnjeg iskustva na Internetu, što dopisivanjem, što surfovanjem i čitanjem raznoraznih foruma, grupa, blogova, a u poslednje vreme dosta i u SMS porukama, nailazio sam na razne skraćenice i kod većine sam se pitao šta one znače. WOT — What WRT — With respect to WRU — Where are you? WUWH — Wish you were here W4u — Waiting for you W8 — Wait W84M — Wait for me X! U ovom dešifrovanju mi je najviše pomogao pretraživač Google uz pomoć koga možete dobiti odgovor za većinu skraćenica jednostavnim upitom “define:skraćenica”, tako da recimo kada tražite šta znači skraćenica ROFL dobijete “Rolling On the Floor, Laughing“. Pa da krenemo: AFAIK — As Far As I Know AFK — Away from keyboard Alwz — Always ASL — Age, sex, location ASAP — As soon as possible ATB — All the best ATK — At the keyboard ATM — At the moment A3 — Anytime, Anywhere, Anyplace B — Be B4 — Before B4N — Bye for now BCNU — Be seeing you BAK — Back at keyboard BBL — Be back later BCNU — Be seeing you BBS — Be back soon BF — Boyfriend BFN/B4N — Bye for now BFz4evr — Best friends forever BHL8 — Be home late BIL — Boss is listening BN — Been BOL – Best of luck BRB — Be right back BRBGP — Be right back gotta pee BRT — Be right there BTW — By the way B4N — Bye for now C — See CU — See you CUB L8R — Call you back later [email protected] — See you at CUL — See you later CYA — See you around, See ya CMi — Call me CMON — Come On CUB L8R — Call you back later CUL8R — See you later CYR BOS — Call Your Boss CYR BRO — Call your brother CYR H — Call your husband CYR MA — Call your mother CYR OFIS — Call your office CYR PA — Call your father CYR SIS — Call your sister CYR WF — Call your wife Dk — Don’t know DNR – Dinnerdo N — Doing Dur? SC — Stay cool SETE — Smiling ear to ear SHLM — Shalomshop N — Shopping SK8 — Skate SO — Significant other SOL — Sooner or later SOL — Sh_t out of luck SME1 — Someone SPK — Speak SPK 2 U L8R — Speak to you later SRY — Sorry STATS — Your sex and age SWALK — Sent with a loving kiss SWATK – Sent/Sealed with a tender kiss SWG — Scientific wild guess T — Think positive TDTU — Totally devoted to you Thx — Thanks TIC — Tongue in Cheek Tks — Thanks TMI — to much information TMIY — Take me I’m yours THNQ — Thank you TIA — Thanks in advance TLA — Three letter acronym TTFN — Ta ta for now. — Typical woman X — Kiss XO — Kiss and a hug Xclusvly Urs — Exclusively yours XLNT — Excelle nt Y — Why? Play one of our most played games on the home page or dive into your favorite category in the menu. And enjoy your time on Games Freak - the ultimate site for free online boys games!In the meantime we will do our best to deliver the best possible gaming experience by further improving our website. From the famous Calle 8 (8th Street) in Miami, Reality Kings brings you the some incredibly hot latinas!

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