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rc Trade Deuces Tariffs and Quotas 209-124 A Tariffs m B The Effects of Tariffs no C Import Quotas 116 D Types of Import Quotas 117 E The Effects oi Quotas 119 F Quotas vs Tariffs 121 37 Exchange Control 125-132 A Meaning of Exchange Control 125 B Objectives of Exchange Control 126 C Techniques of Exchange Control 126 D Methods of Exchange Control 127 E Indirect Method of Exchange Regulation 130 F Dements of Exchange Control 131 3*f The IMF and the Problem of International Liquidity 133-149 A Introduction 133 B Achievements of the IMF 136 C The Problem of International Liquidity 137 D IMF and International Liquidity 139 E Special Drawing Rights 141 F Features of SDRs Scheme 142 G A Critical Appraisal of the SDRs Scheme 144 H The SDRs m Operation 146 39 International Financial Institutions 150—156 A The World Bank 150 B International Finance Corporation 153 C International Development Association 155 40 Euro- Dollar Market 157-160 A Prelude 157 B The Meaning of Euro-Dollar 157 C Euro Dollar Market 15S D Be Defi s of Euro Dollar Market 159 E Effect' of Euro Dollar Market on Internatio na l Financial System 159 F Shortcomings of the Euro Dollar Market 159 41 Furopean Economic Community (EEC) 161-164 A The Mature and Objective of EEC 161 B The Organisation of EEC 163 U t!

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272 B Functions of Commercial Banks 27* C Functions and Services of Indian Banks 275 I) Bank s Balance Sheet and Portfolio Management 276 E Credit Creation 280 F Limits of Credit Creation 285 G Leaf-Canon Criticism of the Theory of Credit Creation 287 H Role of Commercial Banks in a Developing Economy 288 I Banks vs Non Bank Financial Intermediaries 291 14 The Central Bank and Instruments of Credit Control 295—329 A Central Bank An Apex Financial Authority B Functions of a Central Bank C Functions of RBI D Central Bank and Monetary Management E Instruments of Credit Control F Bank Rate Policy G Op*n Market Operations H Cash Reserve Ratio I A Renew of the Genera!

Instruments of Credit Control I S'lective Credit Control K Measures of S-Iectise Credit Control L Limitations of Selective Credit Control M Selective Credit Control m a Developing Economy 15 Monetary Policy A What is Monetary Policy 7 B Objectives of Monetary Policy C Neutrality of Mon-y D Exchange Rate Stability E Price Stabilisation F Alternatives to Price Stabilisation Policy G Full Employment H Economic Growth 1 Choosing Between Conflicting Objectives J Role of Monetary Policy in a Developing Economy K.

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Factors Affecting MEC II 3 I Role of Expectations 114 J, Cuticism of MEC 117 K. Leakages to the Multiplier Process 130 E Shortcomings of the Multiplier Theory 1 31 F. 149 D Saving and Investment Equality 152 E Underemployment Equilibrium 157 (XV) 11 Keynes’ Theory and Underdeveloped Countries It O— 165 A Introduction 160 B Distinctive Nature and Typical Causes of Unemployment in Underdeveloped Countries 160 C The Static Feature c f the Keynesian Model 161 D Failure of the Keynesian Multiplier m Underdeveloped Countries 163 E Concluding Remarks 164 -28 Trade Cycles and Measures of Economic Stabilisation 166—196 A Introduction ... 71 ' Fixed vs Flexible Exchange Rates 73 Case for Fixed Exchange Rate System .

Fundamental Psychological Law of Consumption 82 B Consumption Function 84 C Technical Attributes of the Consumption Function 88 D Factors Affecting the Consumption Function 92 E Significance of the Concept of Consumption Function 96 F. Marginal Efficiency of Capital and Rate of Interest 107 F, MEC Schedule 109 G Investment Demand Schedule no H. The Concept of Savings 140 B Determinants of Savings 142 C Saving : A Virture or a Vice ?

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The Multiplier and the Acceleration Principles 124-139 A. 172 F The Monctaiy Over Investment Theory 177 G The Non Monetary Over Investment Theory 178 H Under Consumption Theory .

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