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I’d be upset, but I saw a prescreening on Monday night in IMAX 3D, and I don’t think Brian’s viewing will top that.

After some back and forth with the cheese selections, in which they sent pictures and prices, and I asked for changes a few times, we finally had a pretty good idea of what we were going to choose, and I thanked them for their patience.

Because one of our stops includes a couple nights in Disneyland Paris.

While at a friend’s house, I discovered a whole new meaning of the phrase during a group conversation.

Or where I cry at Disney World because I’m so happy and overwhelmed with memories that I can’t think straight.

In other news, I think he’s warming up to the idea of us getting a dog.

I’ve been obsessively Zulilying adorable dresses, checking the weather, and buying Disney pins on ebay in preparation.

37 women wrote about the struggle for perfection, and I'm one of 'em.

We went home for a bit to digest and watch Game of Thrones.

A canoe rental in a beautiful hidden glacier-formed lake in the middle of suburbia.

After our canoe trip, we walked around the lake, chasing geese.

I was secretly hoping she’d take advantage of this and make me do some crazy incredible feat so that I’d fall down and have some truly epic photos…but she was kind.

Who would you pick in a battle: Harry Potter and his peeps or the Avengers?

But you have to be flighty if you’re ever going to fly.

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