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It is said that for several nights past the negroes have sought to terrorize the whites by throwing railroad spikes.

The people of Bryson City are not going to take the law into their own hands if they can avoid it but they are determined that the negroes shall behave themselves.

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Feelings ran high and for a time it was feared that there would be serious trouble. He received half a dozen shots in the head and face, one of the shots putting out his left eye.

Silas Cabe was shot in the arm and Will Jenkins was shot in the arm and through the lip. All is quiet at Bryson City to-day, so reports, say, and no further trouble is feared.

The firing on the whites by the negroes Sunday night was sudden and without provocation.

A crowd of 40 or 50 white people were at the railway station while just across the tracks were a dozen or more negroes.

The only member of the African-American population who can definitively be excluded from the affray at the depot and the burning of the courthouse would seem to be Christenberry Howell. Howell was the caretaker for the old courthouse, and was reinstated to his position once the new courthouse was built.

"Sheriff Hunter will leave today for Clarksville, Georgia to get Will Trotter, alias John Johnson, who made his escape from the chain gang October 20th (1908) and was captured at Clarksville.

Bad blood has existed between the whites and blacks for some time.

The negroes have indulged in the practice of throwing heavy iron railroad spikes and rocks at white men at night.

Entries in the County Commissioners ledgers only discuss plans to rebuild the courthouse.

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