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In the moments he spends talking about Noel during the interview, it sounds very much like he misses his big brother. He’s got an album coming out – I’m sure it’s gonna be great,” he says.“Noel’s a good songwriter and I’ve said a million times before, I’m not really having a pop at him, I’m just letting him know I’m here.

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My cup of tea 2 dating liam

He’s got high heels, he’s got a f***ing perm AND he’s wearing a waistcoat.

F*** off.” Yet despite all the rumours, all the “sources claim” articles and Liam’s own admissions about wanting it to happen, an Oasis reunion isn’t on the cards.

“People will get bored of this,” he says, “If they’re not bored of me already, they’ll get bored of it very soon.

So I’ve got the album out and we’re just going to ram it down people’s throats.

And personally I think that’s what proper rock ‘n’ roll music is like – guitar music isn’t there to be studied.

And I needed to come back with a good album full of good songs, no nonsense.” He likes performing “Greedy Soul”, in particular, at his live shows: “It’s got power and energy, it’s aggressive, it’s a good vibe. “When you’re singing it you’re sweating – it’s like having a really hot curry. I’m the first to admit I’m not the greatest songwriter in the world but I’m getting there, you know what I mean?

You know when you have hot curry and you go ‘it’s f***ng mad this but it’s good ‘cos you’re sweating your tits off’.” He acknowledges that some critics – and fans – may likely claim the record is “not the same” without Noel onboard for songwriting duties. I had 20 years just being the f***ing man in the band.

But any lyrical void Noel leaves has been filled on the album with a series of smart collaborations, which leave the record more “Oasis-sounding” than anything else he’s released since the band split in 2009. But as soon as I put my voice on it’s f***ing bingo.” During the summer, Liam was omnipresent: headlining or close-to virtually every major festival in the UK and around Europe, performing on national TV (in the US and the UK) and announcing a headline tour in support of the album, to begin later in October.

But then I met him in Ibiza and we had a chat, then I met him at GQ awards this year and we had a chat, then I seen him on that TV show [wasn’t the most comfortable experience though, he admits. He wasn’t asking me stupid questions, I just can’t handle that soap-y side of it.

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