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There are several fortresses remaining from Parthia and Sassanid times, and many older cemeteries scattered throughout the province.

During this era, Mazandaran was part of Hyrcania Province which was one of the important provinces.

Monastery Manuscripts Guide Home Additional Resources on St. Athos, and the Greek and Armenian Patriarchates of Jerusalem Webcasts | Sound Recordings | Musical Scores | Motion Pictures Maps | Rare Books & Manuscripts | Books | Periodicals Most recordings are stored off-site and must be digitized and made available on The Library of Congresss servers on Capitol Hill for listening.

Other items may not yet be cataloged in the main Library Catalog, so researchers are encouraged to ask Division staff about their respective collections. In the narrow neck of land, is a great Cross erected, beyond which no woman must pass; Here are above 6,000 Caloirs and Hermits, and not a woman.” ~ Bernard Randolph, “Index to New Map of Greece Lately Published by the same Author,” P2v In Bernard Randolph. Library of Congress, Rare Book & Special Collections Division. In this pressing time, When expediency blackens The apostolic line, Our task is to read Well, to liberate the word, Not satisfy our need.” ~ Tom PetsinisΟ ΛΟΓΙΟΣ ΜΟΝΑΧΟΣ [2] “Εβίωσαν βιβλία: Σελίδες υφασμένες, Φύλλα θροΐζοντα στο σκότος, Γράμματα με εικόνες.

The items highlighted here come from multiple Library Divisions. It is a demy Isle only Inhabited by Greek Hermits and Caloirs who have 21 Monasteries and two Hermitages. Figure 30: The opening page for Breydenbachs section on Mt. Sinai, then tells the story of Saint Catherine herself, and finally relates the authors own pilgrimage from Jerusalem to the mountain. Sequ[en]itur inicum huis peregrinationis a solo natali vsq[ue] venecias. Ascetic, intent, They were lean hounds, Pursuing the scent Never the thing to be found.

Initially, the Rus' appeared in Serkland in the 9th century traveling as merchants along the Volga trade route, selling furs, honey, and slaves.

The first small-scale raids took place in the late 9th and early 10th century.

In Abraham Ortelius, Theatrum orbis terrarium, Antverpie: Apud Aegid. Σε τούτο τον πιεστικό καιρό, ’Οταν η σκοπιμότης αμαυρώνει Το κείμενο το αποστολικό, Το πόνημά μας είναι να διαβάσουμε Καλά, να ελευθερώσουμε τον λόγο, ’Οχι ανάγκες μας να ευχαριστήσουμε.” ~ John Milides Tom Petsinis, “The Scholar Monk [2],” in Offerings: Sonnets from Mount Athos, Greek translation by John Milides (Melbourne: Hill of Content, 1994), 66-67. Issues from the past 24 months may be accessed in the Periodical Reading Room (Madison, LM-133).

For example, the Music Division has a collection of Greek liturgical manuscripts and incunabula dating from the 12th-20th centuries. The present state of the islands in the archipelago, (or Arches) sea of Constantinople…, Oxford, [J. Ασκητικοί, προσηλωμένοι, ’Ηταν ισχνά λαγωνικά, Καταδιώκαν την οσμή Ποτέ όμως κάτι χειροπιαστό.

Mythical land Iran of Mazandaran is an nd dating life in the Medians have said .

Mazandaran the oldest human settlements in the Iran.

In the early 20th century, Reza Shah connected northern Elbourz to the southern slopes by constructing seven new roads and railways, the provinces of Mazandaran and Gilan became known as Shomal by all Iranians (meaning "the North" in Persian).

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