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However, after season two the show began to delve into the characters dating lives more than the original concept.Thought the quality of the comedy remained the same, this show’s quality depleted because it stopped using its original angle of comedy.Since then, however, not many shows have considered using this formula, the only exception being, .

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After the first season, the show deviated from its original concept and had the married couple in question getting back together instead of getting a divorce.

After a while, one of the show’s leads, Stephanie Hodge, was killed off of the series but returned later in the same season alive.

, to the current era of streaming being a dominant force in how people consume media.

While many shows that dominate the airwaves are dramas relating either to politics or comedy-dramas centering on the condition of a family dealing with a certain revelation.

This episode deals with a man who was fired from his job threatening to jump from the building where WNYX is located unless he can read a statement on the air.

Much of the episode is spent discovering how the characters of the show would react in this situation.

Relationships are often a big point of workplace comedies and News Radio was no exception. Most relationships in sitcoms developed over time, beginning as innocent flirtation and becoming intimate liaisons.

This was not the case for Dave and Lisa, the primary romantic entanglement on .

Finally, she left the show permanently with her character running off with a woman.

Sitcoms that steer away from the original premise of the show can often make viewers feel like they’re watching a romantic comedy drama. This show’s plot was about a young woman who is forced to work at her father’s fashion magazine when no other new outlet will hire her because she made an anchorwoman cry on the air.

Lisa Miller, played by Maura Tierney, viewed herself as the next news director instead of Mr. She is instead relegated back to her role as WNYX’s senior reporter/associate producer.

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