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It Would Be Really Generous Of You, As I Live In England, & I Love Looking At Photos Of Kashmir. I request him to make space for Mangla fort photoes, Darbar alia Baba Peer e Shah Ghazi & Mian Muhammad Bakhash'my name is humera and iam from rawalpindi, i heard from my freind about mirpur but did not see any pic but today i saw pics yea it is true that its a beautiful palce and soon Insha Allah will go there. I'm thakful to all those friends,who collected area's pics n uploaded them..

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But recently i feel that foreigners from pakistan and afghan are infiltrating through and creating a mess, so its going up in crime day by day, i hope that government makes a strong policy about infiltrators and controls the security of my lovely country, KASHMIRE.

Kashmire has history of over 5000 years of thru which it remaind self independent, and in futur hopefully it will become and remain independent.

Muhammad Shoaib Central President Salam Pakistan Pakistan Registered Political Party Election Commission of Pakistan Contact Mobile 03335219893 Uk Mobile 00447624084527 Email.

[email protected] M/S Shoaib And Co Govt Contractors [email protected] O ALLAIKUM TO ALL RECENT I BEEN TO MANGLA HAMLET AND MIRPOR KHARI SHARRIF WAS THE BEST I LOVE THIS AREA AND FISHING ITS SO NICE THAT CANT FORGET WE ALL TRYING TO CHANGE SYSTEM IN PAKISTAN AND THE CORRUPT GOVERNMENT YOUTH STRONGLY SUPPORT PAKISTAN TEHREEK-E-INSAF PTI Salam Kasy ho sab.... FAAL [email protected] on hotmail...................i thnk yahan sab kashmiri he hain..i mean kay sab apnay he hian not bad at all,,so many positive comments ,, does anyone have any info on the history of AK,,from the time it became AK,,when India and Pakistan became Azad,, I would be grateful for any history,, I understand Islamgahr was known for Akalgahr,, But few yrs ago was changed to Islamgahr,, The name Akalgahr belonged to a sikh person,, ANY HISTORY,, plz forward to [email protected] is not enough, i think photo's of mirpur city should be linked mor and more as its possible. I cant forget twinkling star of Islam Gharh which look like hundred of small glowing lamps into Mangla Dam in winter nights !

Allah pore azad kashmir ko hamesha shad o abaad rakhe Amien.

Hi there, I studied at Government Degree College, Mirpur from 1984 to 1988 and obtained FSc in 1986 and BSc 1988 (pre-medical).

ASSALAM O ALAIAKUM, everyone aspacially kashmiri mirpur is a pardases of earth name [ RAJA HAQNAWAZ JAANBAZ ] and am proud to belong from ,[ KALADAB, KOTLI ] i was student in mirpur GOVERMENT DEGREE COLLAGE,in 2000.i spent my three eyears in mirpur.golden memories of ther .i just wish if i could switch back time clock and find my lost connections with such friends ,i wish to see again .viewers if ther is any HEAVEN on earth that is only kashmir its our mother land and pried of my nation.kashmir like a dream land ,proud to be kashmiri ,thes pictures remid feeling about our loving kashmir.i miss my kashmir very much and love this place with a PASSION i really can,t explain how much.i miss kashmir i am a true EX-PATRIOT now due to fault of my own.i hope most of you should know who i am now and inshallah i will bee back soon to fulfil my desires of kashmir. I would really appreciate if u add its new pictures in ur website. LET US UNITE ON SINGLE AGENDA "THE LIBERATION OF KASHMIR" AND LET THE VOICE HEARD AGAIN AROUNF THE GLOBE LT COMMANDER ABDUL HALEEM QASIM C/3 MIRPUR . Further two years after passing metric exams in second division, I studied at Goverment Degree college until F. I am setteled in Manchester now and work as an officer for local authorities (OMBC OLDHAM).

Ao A i am fajar mirpur a.k .i am 18 website is too gud espacially banjosa mirpur is already best .i love mirpurr so so so much .

Mirpur district comprises partly plain and partly hilly areas.

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