Partition magic stuck on updating system

If so, with the type of issue, we suggest you continue to wait.

The resize/move process takes a little longer under the circumstance of bad sectors/track, large data size, low memory, etc.

Sine nothing's new was introduced to this KB3172985 update, and no confirmed solutions are carried out to fix KB3163018 download stuck and failed to install problem, just jump over the update this time.

Obviously, I'm very concerned about trying that, because if it messes up - I've just bricked my system.

After resizing/moving the partition, the Ease US Partition Master hangs up like this: There are two ways for you to confirm whether Ease US Partition Master really hangs up. You can check whether the number (partition size) is changing. You can check whether the indicator light of the hard disk which you operated is flashing.

Windows 10 July's cumulative update KB3172985 stuck, freeze and failed to install issue is solved here.

Apply the solutions to download KB3172985 fast without trouble and get the fixes for your PC right away.

So, here in this page, let's first take a look at what the exact problems are and how to get rid of the failure and retry installing KB3172985 with success.

"Mine also stuck at 47% for a long time, but eventually completed the download.

Download KB3172985 for x86 (501 MB) Download KB3172985 for x64 (914 MB) Don't blame server overload all along. Extreme large files and junk files residues should commit the crime for not being able to download KB3172985 update fast, since the machine running speed has been dragged down for long.

Use Ease US partition magic software to clean up junk files in Windows 10, involving system junk files, browser caches, Windows built-in applications and other application junk files.

As much user data as possible is located on a separate 128GB flash data drive.

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