Penny auction dating

Clearly as the better agencies have a more uniform approach, even if it seems to be slowly moving upwards over time, there is now a premium attaching to a grade from a better agency, or perhaps better expressed from the point of European grading as having a smaller grade discount than some of the less reputable agencies.

Having said that the pieces are rare in these grades, it is clear that the Irish and UK markets for Irish coins are not yet mature enough for the real rarity of the higher uncirculated grade to be appreciated.

I am inclined to expect the MS65 prices to stretch away from the MS63 prices over time driven by the US market with its dependence on 'slabbing' and precise (albeit inflated) grading.

) are rare because of Central Bank decisions rather than normal circulation issues.

And several dates in the 1940s, 1950s and 1960s are surprisingly rare or common for some denominations considering their mintage.

So you really do have to get into the habit of judging the coin itself and not the slab it is in.

It is a general rule that any dealer that sees a coin in a slab with a lower grade than he/she thinks it deserves will crack the slab and resubmit it in the hope of getting a better grade.The relative scarcity of older coins in good condition is a function of many factors, the economic environment being one.The value of a coin is a function of its scarcity for its type and condition, and the number of collectors seeking an example.Prices for common coins in low grade are listed but in reality these coins are very common and price is usually a function of distance from Ireland as they can be purchased very cheaply in the occasional Dublin Coin Fairs.Finally, remember that there is no guaranteed market in coins - prices in this and any other catalogue are a matter of opinion based on past sales and an understanding of the range of existing coins and existing collectors.Uncirculated or better), with the exception of the first year of issue, 1928 which is generally common.

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