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In addition, bandwidth used by the service won't impact your network speeds — Comcast will route Stream TV data over bandwidth you aren't paying for, so your internet speeds won't drop while you're watching TV.Needless to say, competing services like Netflix, Play Station Vue, and Sling TV enjoy no such advantages.Stream TV launched in its first markets, Boston and Chicago, this past week, and the company confirmed to that data used for the service wouldn't be counted for data caps.

And hence a simple "enter your i Tunes password here to recover your Restrictions passcode" would be entirely sufficient. I just complete a full restore and chose a backup to restore as per the instructions, and my i Phone still has the Restrictions locked.

Boz The restrictions passcode is stored with the i Phone backup, the only way to get rid of it, if you can't remember it, is to restore as a new phone and not from your i Phone backup. Please, how do you remove the restrictions without losing all data forever?

Nevertheless, Comcast is held to its own, stricter terms as a result of its merger with NBC Universal in 2011.

Among other restrictions, the company is prohibited from such practices, called zero-rating.

And as far as I'm aware, there isn't a straight forward way to limit access to i Tunes so that my family can play music, watch podcasts browse the store and prevent access to i Phone backups.

And the whole point of this is, I just turned off the in-app purchases!

For me, the inconvenience of losing i Phone settings is significant, but for the kids wanting to bypass pesky parental controls and download skin pics, what do they care if the settings go? You're right, there's 4 digit codes for many things in life, the i Phone passcode, restrictions passcode, my credit card pin, my access codes for work, ebay pin, paypal pin etc.

I'm not stupid enough to use a single 4 digit passcode for everything and so I did the correct thing and I have different codes.

But Comcast may have found a way around that agreement.

The company calls Stream TV "an IP cable service" that is "delivered over our managed network." Comcast is going through great lengths to make it say that Stream TV is not delivered over the internet — though, depending on your perspective, it is.

This particular one I didn't have recorded anywhere it seems.

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