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While the housewives may not seem very “real” at moments, Meghan deals with very real things in her life, and for that, she’s landed at spot number 8.

During her run on the show, you were either rolling your eyes at Alexis or you really felt bad for her. She was also given one of the original nicknames every donned on any Bravo series: "Jesus Jugs." Alexis may have been the butt of every joke, but her and Jim own multiple Sky Zone franchises so who's winning now?

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She was picked on but you saw where the other women were coming from so you sort of swept it under the rug. Shannon’s that one friend in your group who has to order water at the restaurant because she’s vegan-gluten intolerant-can’t eat anything because it’s chemically created.

Honestly, props to her for being able to live off vitamins and holistic remedies cause I like cheeseburgers too much.

Props to you, but you’re last on the list, Quinn, because that’s all I can recall about you.

Lizzie is one of the few housewives that still stirred the pot, but didn’t totally piss everyone off. Kimberly may be an originating housewife, but the only thing I can remember is that her tagline was “85% of the women around here have breast implants.” Since I love a good fun fact, you’re at spot number 16, Kimberly.

You were always between feeling like you wanted to shake her and tell her to get them together, or that you just needed to hand her a glass of wine cause good lord she was dealing with a lot.

Also being in between Tamra and Gretchen had to have sucked so you’re 10th on the list, Lynne, just cause it seems like you need a break. Lauri was almost irrelevant being an original cast member who made it an impressive four seasons.Titles include “U Can’t Control Me,” “Letting Go” and “Look But Don’t Touch.” According to Immergent, De La Rosa’s debut CD will be released on July 24.Someone had the bright idea to film a group of five women in the lavish, gated communities in Orange County, California and what emerged was an entire franchise devoted to groups of rich, emotionally unstable, women.This was yet another example of why these women can never have a peaceful vacation.Little did Lauri know her accusations would only keep her on for a few episodes and then she’d be back to OC obscurity. C., so she still has some growing pains to deal with.Immergent Records will be releasing De la Rosa’s debut album, as the hopeful singer is managed by her ex-fiance and former Real Housewives of Orange County costar Slade Smiley.

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