Raleigh dating ideas

There are also a number of options for the non-coffee drinker.

However, a coffee shop is only as good as its coffee, and Morning Times has amazing coffee.

My girlfriend is a coffee connoisseur and was thoroughly impressed by their coffee.

I recommend Sharing 1 appetizer, it's big enough!

Most everything comes off the grill, from lamb sausage with pickled celery to roasted oysters with chili butter.

Mitch’s also features a reasonable selection of beers and ciders.

You’re not going to blow anyone away with impressive food, but eating here will make your wallet very happy with you.They serve the typical breakfast fare, but what makes them stand out in the breakfast crowd is their pancakes.About half an inch thick and 12 inches in diameter, these are the most massive pancakes I have ever seen.The superb beer is complemented by the activities to participate in while drinking.With several dart boards along one wall and board games along the other, the two of you can add a little friendly competition to your date.Out of all the places I have been to over the last two years, these are the ones that are best to take a date to.

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