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Afterward, Jillian and Wes proceeded with their original plan to meet with Wes' family.

"I'm sorry we're so late," Jillian told the family before she and Wes proceeded to tell them about Jake's return visit.

"You know, someone pulls the rug out from under and tells you [that] you have to leave, it's a tough pill to swallow.

"He's just jealous because he got kicked off and you're still there," one of Wes' sisters said.

"Guys are always going to be jealous of you Wesley, it's always been like that," another sister added.

I really like him so I have no choice but to put all of this girlfriend stuff behind me and start from where we started at the very beginning." "I think Jake is who he is...

a back-stabbing piece of sh-t," Wes said afterwards.

"She's always going to be one of my girlfriends, always," Wes said. I never told you I was in a relationship right now. I'm really disappointed." "I'm disappointed too, I really am," Wes replied.

"And then when you thumped me hard as hell in the back of the head when Tanner spoke up? "I don't know what you're talking about," Wes said. Realizing that the discussion was going nowhere, Jillian said goodbye to Jake, who broke down in tears after leaving the hotel room. I care about Jillian, she's just an innocent girl trying to find love and Wes is in the way," he said. She's been giving him a rose when it needed to go to somebody else." "Honestly, I don't know what to believe right now," Jillian said.

"Jillian likes me and that's really what matters." However Jillian found one more surprise waiting for her when she returned to Los Angeles for next Rose Ceremony: Ed, who had quit the show despite already having received a rose from Jillian before the season's fifth Rose Ceremony.

"I realized that I made a huge mistake, I got home and I could not stop thinking about you," Ed told Jillian after he surprised her in her hotel room. The pair then proceeded to discuss how much Ed's departure had bothered both of them, resulting in Jillian eventually telling Ed that he should attend the night's Rose Ceremony but noting that she wasn't sure whether it would be "fair to the other guys" if she allowed him to return to the competition. "But I think that you should come to the Rose Ceremony tonight." "I don't even know what to think right now, I have no idea," Jillian told the cameras after Ed departed.

However things hit a rough patch when Jillian visited Wes, a 32-year-old musician from Austin, TX, and his family in Austin.

After spending some time meeting Wes' bandmates and listening to them perform, Jillian returned to her hotel to get ready for dinner with his family.

"It's okay, just give it to me," Jillian urged Jake after he struggled to explain the reason for his visit. "He's real quick on his feet." The additional details seemed to briefly convince Jillian that Jake was being truthful, however that changed once Wes arrived and she told Wes about Jake's accusations. "Here's what I told Jake: I had a girlfriend, we've been broke-up but we've still stayed friends, she's still one of my best friends to this very day. However neither man backed down during their face-to-face discussion of Jake's accusations.

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