Riftpatch needs updating loop

I have tried all suggestions, my game hasn't worked since the last update was released, stuck on error code 5 for over a week.

Tried restarting router, connecting to hotspot, uninstalled and reinstalled, used a wired connection, tried updating in zombies/local play, etc...

riftpatch needs updating loop-36

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We've tried literally everything, even reinstalling the game, and still nothing.

Clearly it's not on the user's end, so a hotfix or SOMETHING needs to be put out.

EDIT: A user has pointed out that this continues even AFTER a full delete and re-install of the game. Many other people and I have been stuck in an update loop.

The game says it downloads an update, says it restarted due to an update, starts fetching profile, then fails saying:"The game will now restart due to an update failure.

It is the fourteenth primary installment in the Call of Duty series.

All I did was simply: Set my clock to 2 hours behind.Piss poor customer service on top of piss poor server management. Can't play the game at all and haven't been able to for days.Restarted everything, tried local play 'fixes' and can't use hotspot on my phone as my carrier doesn't allow gaming over it.I had to reinstall IW three times because of that glitch, so if it's the same glitch then unfortunately that's all you can do, it really sucks :/. Some have been able to get online doing the normal fixes suggested, but I and many others nothing has worked.So cause of that, I'd say there is no fix, just some rare workarounds that worked for some.I got: Error Code: 69664 -,-,-,-,-, F,-,-,-,-,-,-, M,-,-,-, Q, It has been doing this for days. I have done my best to find a solution through Google searches and past player experiences.

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