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However, Milius did not stay with the project and received no onscreen writing credit.

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However, the singer-actress opted instead to star in Moonstruck (1987, see entry), a film for which she won the Best Actress Academy Award.

Holland told the Long Beach Press-Telegram that singer-actress Tina Turner was also considered for the lead.

However, that casting met with some resistance from studio officials who felt Goldberg was not pretty or glamorous enough for the lead.

Holland pushed for Goldberg, saying she brought the street credibility needed to play the part of “Rita Rizzoli.” The HR reported Goldberg was earning a $2 million salary for the film.

Actor Billy Dee Williams was a contender for the male lead role of “Mike Marshak,” a part that ultimately went to actor Sam Elliott.

Principal photography began on in Los Angeles, CA, according to the DV production chart.

He drags Charlene outside, but Rita goes to her rescue, pulls out a gun and announces she is a police officer.

As she shoots the man in the chest, Delgadillo grabs the money from her purse and flees.

Shortly after that, at a Chinese supermarket, workers are in the back room putting cocaine into small plastic bags stamped with the label “Fatal Beauty,” when a rival gang storms in, killing all the workers and stealing the product.

Rita is sent to join the investigation and finds Delgadillo dead, shot in the face multiple times.

End credits include “special thanks” to: “Sportmart, Inc.; Century City Shopping Center and Marketplace; Judy’s-Century City; Bakers® Shoe Stores (East of the Rockies); Leeds® Shoe Stores (West of the Rockies); Burts® Shoe Stores.” End credits also indicate the Hitchcock drawing is copyright 1983 by Al Hirschfield, courtesy of The Margo Peiden Galleries, New York; the James Brown original painting by Richard Duardo, courtesy of Whoopi Goldberg.

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