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He was replaced by Woody Harrelson's character Woody, Coach's old "pen pal," with whom he used to exchange pens in the mail.If you're looking for extra feels, check out the portrait of Geronimo that Sam straightens in the series finale.The producers had no intention of recasting the role, but they needed another character to fill in the gap he'd left.

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It belonged to Colasanto and used to hang in his dressing room. His character was killed offscreen, dying of a heart attack, and the show managed to keep a sense of humor about his loss without being cruel.

The next week, Bill Mc Neal's role was filled in by Max Louis, played by Hartman's fellow Tony Soprano's mother, Livia, was a force to be reckoned with.

Her character was killed off in , but not before the show tried to bring her back for one last scene.

The producers used recent footage of Marchand to digitally superimpose her face onto another actress' body for the next season's premiere, giving Livia and Tony a final chance to interact.

He was a patient, loyal, and often beleaguered boss and father figure to the younger staff members, as well as confidant and friend to the President.

His character was so well received, Clinton-era Chief of Staff Leon Panetta once told Spencer that "any government would be lucky with Leo as chief of staff." In Season 7, Mc Garry ran for vice president alongside Jimmy Smits' Congressman Santos.

Will Lee, the actor who played Mister Hooper, died of a heart attack in 1982.

The producers considered writing Hooper out, sending the character off to Florida to retire.

One of his final performances was as Andrew Campbell, father of Pete, on , Pete Campbell was hounded by the disapproval of his father.

Though Andrew Campbell only appeared in one episode of the show, his presence was certainly felt.

But in a maneuver now widely known as the "Reverse Fast 7," they acknowledged that their audience was mature enough to accept death and made a whole episode about his passing.

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