Scorpio man dating taurus woman

Taurus love the intensity of Scorpio, and Scorpio love the dedication of Taurus.

He's also very romantic, but may never show his true feelings about you in public.

However, when the two of you are alone you'll be showered with his intense attention.

Scorpio could teach Taurus how to look beyond the surface and in depth into things, while Taurus could teach Scorpio to be more frank and direct.

Scorpio love Taurus logical mind; and Taurus love Scorpio jealous nature, it makes them feel they are wanted. Once they have established their aims and objectives, they would stop at nothing to attain them.

A friendship between a Taurus and a Scorpio involves a relationship between two signs that lie opposite each other in the Zodiac.

Star signs with polarity such as these complement each other well.

While the Scorpio man is secretive, he doesn't like this trait in others.

He'll want to know everything about you and will not be satisfied until he discovers all your deepest, darkest secrets.

Both partners are focused on worldly possessions and social positions, but they enjoy other aspects of life, as well.

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