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Including a unique way of shell and file manager integration via user menu with a set of macrovariables as well as shell terminal window, making them natural sysadmin IDE.

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That means the quality of shell terminal window provided is of paramount importance for OFMs and the role of user menu is central.

Unfortunately outside DOS implementations most OFMs are weak in this area and that might be the reason OFMs did not got the popularity among sysadmins they deserve.

Simplifying the reference implementation for OFM terminal window implementation should serve GNU screen.

Anything less than make them much less attractive for Unix sysadmins.

Those regions were place of birth of the most impressive OFM implementations such as Far, Total Commander, deco, Volkov Commander, Dos Navigator, Altap Salamander and many others.

There are three fundamental properties of Orthodox file managers: At the same time they represent just one instance of a larger category that can be called Orthodox interface.That also means that internal viewer and built-in editor are very important, "first class citizens" parts of OFMs and implementation of them should get attention they deserve.The quality of their integration with panel-based file management subsystem by-and-large-determine the quality of this IDE.Several programs belonging to this type are descendants of Norton Commander, a file manager first released in 1986 by Norton Computing (since 1990 Norton Computing became part of Symantec).But not only file managers can have this type of interface.See Less is More: A rich functionality behind Spartan interface of Orthodox File Managers (an introduction to Orthodox File Managers(OFM)) The Orthodox File Managers (OFMs) that are also known as "Commanders" are remote descendants of Norton Commander (NC) written by John Socha and first released in 1986 for MS DOS.

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