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If you are travelling as a foot passenger then we have kennels available for hire.

Cats can be checked-in provided they are in a suitable animal carrier/cage. You will not be able to visit your animal during the sailing, so please ensure they are well fed, watered and exercised prior to boarding.

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Adults are considered to be anyone over the age of 15.

Those aged 15-17 years old will need to call us on 0800 802 802 if they wish to travel on a child fare without an adult fare included in the booking.

But we're often sluggish about putting pen to paper, fearing the lawyer's bills that may result. The expensive bit is the will's administration after your death: these costs come out of your estate and vary depending on who administers the will.

Do-it-yourself You’re legally entitled to make a will yourself – but just 4 percent do, according to a Public Trust survey. Experts say home-made wills may create problems if the will-maker’s intentions aren't clear.

On board, she features a large Ocean View restaurant, panoramic Lookout Lounge and spectacular views from her Local Heroes Bar.

On Deck 8, you will also find an outdoor seating area, which is perfect for those summer sailings through the gorgeous Marlborough Sounds.

If you’re not into airport queues, backseat drivers and ‘are we there yet’ every five minutes, the Interislander Ferry across the Cook Strait is a great way to jump between the North and South islands.

Making a will is not as simple as it may seem – there are pitfalls that may not emerge until after you've gone.

Please note that many Promocodes are only valid on certain fares types and are date limited.

If your Promocode is not working, then please check the booking date range, travel date range and fare types that were specified with the advertised Promocode.

If you’re using a promo code for a group booking, please go to ‘group bookings’ under our book menu.

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