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The player will still be knocked down and can take damage from any traps in the room however.In one of the Secret Rooms, the player can find a Portrait of Red.

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Red will spawn as a hostile enemy after The Baby has been killed (or burned to a crisp), or if enough time has passed.

As an enemy, he is significantly faster than The Baby, but has significantly less health.

Red is the protagonist and only playable character in Lakeview Cabin.

He is the presumed owner of the titular Lakeview Cabin.

Additionally, the sprite of Super Dad also appears to be based off Red.

A Painting of Red (presumably the one from Lakeview Cabin IV) can be found in the Attic of the Abandoned House. Date and find singles is the best online singles dating directory of local dating sites and personals for meeting and dating singles in your area.Red is a reoccurring character in the Lakeview Cabin series.Red's Ghost will randomly (at a rate of about 1 in 5 games) replace a single member of The Mansion. If found and alerted, Red's Ghost will target a player and attack them.Unlike everyone else however, he deals no damage, and disappears after diving into the player.He can also be seen in the foreground of the screen when the player is near the Generator Shed.

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