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someone (person will remain nameless) actually sent me a link for a 3d porn site!! either way Im making a dress and OMGZ im gonna be 3d or maybe I should make a bra n pants again like the Irn Bru ones? a 3d bra top and then u had to look at it through 3d glasses omgzz hello!! Anyway Im looking forward to watching the 3d telly Derren Brown and some other magic guys doing tricks for me.. I mean really I could just go and see a magic show but then i dont get to sit and pick my nose and wat not in a magic place now do I…


it will however involve me getting drunk and buying stupid little things for Mr Yum and cool sweeties that I love that I just assume he will love when I know he doesnt really…. one day I will have my own sweety/craft/nakedness shop! Cant wait to see him even though it will only be for a few hours but OMGZZZ nothing could be better !

For some reason im picturing in my head its gonna be all sunny and warm and we will sit outside drinking wine but its totally not gonna be like that !! Afterwards I spoke to the tramp who was sitting outside, he wasnt a mega tramp, he was a hippy type guy he had 3 dogs and dreadlocks he seemed cool.. I have a surprise planned for him that really was his idea hhahahahah..

Its like all this excitement of giving gifts and a big meal and sweets and santa and crap tv and family and friends and going out having fun.. I love this excitment to bits and as much as it does make me overtired and cry I wouldnt change it for the world… The only problem that comes along with this excitement is I annoy people….

I know exactly what im doing and I know exactly how pathetic and annoying it is…. The lameness bugs the fuck out me as does the txtn n emailing coz it just means I dont get replies !!! they pinned it down, they said it didnt hurt the spider but I was thinking really how do they know that?

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and when I get the cold I turn into the lamest person ever… I cry and wallow around in self pity text and email like sooooo much and a snuggle up in my mums cardi’s and my KLM blanket… speaking of dairy and milk I watched a spider get milked on tv the other day… pulling out the thread from its little bobbins inside and the goo kinda attatched to it… So I went to the KFC (excuse me mr yum will i repeat my joke) and they got your own little sell service thing..

well I that is that as they say down the dairy farm…. Today for my tea I went to KFC tomorrow I may venture to the INdian.

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