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Using online chat rooms as his hunting grounds, he searches for suicidal young women to satisfy his dark desire.: What's going on? Things take a turn, when he goes to meet a potential find out that she had arranged a group suicide with a bunch of other members from the site. He's not one of those typical mythological vampire types- the ones we are all familiar with.Only to discover that she is willing to offer her blood- her life- to him.

You guys asked and here it is: the opening song open for download, you're welcome!!!! ltlbvcvy1pp3b06For some reason, i really dont like "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" but absolutely LOVE this new one from Taylor!!! This is my only video that has more than 2,000 views on it. -.-''i was trying to find where i could download all the episodesand I've been very uninspired lately.i was listening to my mp3 and came up with a few ideas.then led to about 70 new ideas when i started organizing them on my laptop.. and i didn't even notice until i realized my mom already got up to go make my dad's lunch... every day so it wasn't much of a headphones broke. :bwell, instead of taking up alot of space explaining this video I'll just say this,if you watched the last 10-ish episodes of shugo chara!

This video continues to grow and I have no idea why... I need to glomp, tackle, huggle, kissy all of you because you're all amazing :) Thank you~Edit- 11/16/10This is epic! your comment will be removed if you begin to argue with me about explanation: let's just say i think about things too much. O___O Thx chu so much..; D* sorry i'm stupid guyz..x D i saw another mistake...i wrote guy but it was got..x D anyways...i know of my mistake..don't write me always the same thing that i did that mistake or i'll remove ur comment! Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use."-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-Disclaimer: Orriginal from :: Ikuto Orgasm I am honestly working on a Robin and Starfire tribute! Download: Amu/Ikuto (Amuto) Amu/Tadase (Tadamu) Amu/Kukai (Kukamu) Amu/Kairi (Kaimu) Rima/Nagihiko (Rimahiko) Kukai/Utau (Kutau) Suu/Nikaidou (Suukaidou)Anime: Shugo Chara!

It's certainly not the best vampire flick I've ever seen, but it's most definitely a different and original take on the genre.

And for that reason it's worth a watch.6 out 10.

It's not your typical horror scenario, by any means.

It's less a film that exploits the romantic gore on which most cliché vampire films are based.

The two form a new pact with each other: he is to cease killing if she let's him drink from her neck- being his "only one".

In an ironic twist of fate, though, one of his student's with suicidal tendencies- whom he had previously talked out of killing herself- slits her wrists and winds up in the hospital, needing blood.

While rummaging through his apartment, she jimmies open a locked closet, where she (apparently) discovers his hidden secret.

He doesn't even kill the girl from the group either, having fallen seemingly in love with her- rendering him unable to go through with it.

You guys really make my editing worth something :) Edit- 2/1/11Amazing! : Dother than that, I'm an Amuto fan :) and i don't care if you disagree. 20th in 2009 Summer AMV Contest (1-100 places) *________* Whooottttttt O__O over 4000 favs guyz?! For Best Quality.-\-\-\-\-\-\-\-\-EDIT: Wow, 5,000 views? Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Ikuto Orgasm Was The Original Maker, There's An Annotation Below The Name For The Link. I am sorry to my Teen titans friends and subscribers! Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use."EDIT: I've moved channels! - - Shelly's part - - my part - this is the page from Amuto hentai doujinshi called Sleepless Night. Dokki Dokki or Shugo Chara Party Music: Pitbull - I Know You Want Me Tags: Shugo, Chara, Amu, Hinamori, Ran, Miki, Suu, Dia, Ikuto, Tsukiyomi, Yoru, Utau, Hoshina, Iru, Eru, Tadase, Hotori, Kiseki, Kukai, Souma, Daichi, Nagihiko, Nadeshiko, Fujisaki, Temari, Rhythm, Rima, Mashiro, Kusukusu, Kairi, Sanjou, Musashi, Tsukasa, Amakawa, Yuu, Nikaidou, anime, amv Hey Everyone. You know I just love this love triangle (even though Amuto has a more chance of happening due to obvious reasons, episode 29 everyone..)I think I'll try a Tadase x Ikuto x Amu One.

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