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We feature three of these maps here – at the top is a map by William Knight from 1700 of “Towns, Villages, Gentlemen’s Houses for 20 Miles round London”, it shows that Turn(h)am Green has been around for far longer than the tube station which bears its name.Above is a land-use map drawn by Milne a hundred years later, in 1800.It is available from Blue Crow Media’s online store. Adam Dant has, for a long time, been sketching lovely maps of London history, culture and phenomena, often focusing in particular on the historic East End.

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This format gives each map the space it needs on a single page, to allow the detail, often including hand-written annotations and depictions of individual people, houses, cartouches and other embellishments, to come out clearly.

The paper is also uncoated, giving a slightly rough, traditional map feel.

The really good thing is that the lovely foresty area at the centre of what Islington Council had labelled "Highbury Island" will now be accessible as a park – I've been wanting to get in there for decades. The loss of the flora is to put in cycle lanes and to change the flow of this junction. The concourse outside Highbury and Islington station has been in a state of flux for ages now.

It won't be a roundabout any longer – it'll return to how it was before the Germans made a mess in 1944. Last month I thought they'd finished, though it looked really dull, but then two weeks ago they started digging up a newly-paved area near the kerb and I thought, aha, they've forgotten to put a bus stop there! There is still only a tiny bay that I reckon you could squeeze two cars into.

Connections with mainline rail are shown beside the relevant station with small curly lines, with the operator name written just below them in a smaller text.

This being a 1920s map, the classic “flowery” touches are present, such as the sweeping serifs of the font, waves on the...

It’s remarkably easy to meet cool, fun people in London if you just know where to look. Our speed dating events in Clapham attract a fun, lively crowd every other Thursday and we just know you’re going to love it.

We’ve hired the private bar at Sugarcane for this event and around 30 people will join us, meet each other and have a great night into the bargain. Plenty of time to decide if that person is for you and not too long if they aren't.

Who knew there were so many wrecks in the Thames estuary,... Today, the printed versions of London’s tube map include a specific acknowledgement of the creator of the concept, even as the map itself has greatly expanded with the addition of a many new services. Perman, and available in the David Rumsey Map Collection, was one of the last maps produced, of London’s tube network, before the Beck “revolution” of the 1930s.

The Tube Map is a design classic – the straight lines, even spacing and lack of unnecessary above-ground detail has become a hall-mark of metro maps across the world, since it was first drawn by H. However, there was a period of time, between the merging together of various rival networks in central London at the beginning of the 20th century, and the creation of the Beck tube map, when cartographers attempted to show the crowded and complex network in different, but geographically-focused, ways. It was drawn in 1927 and issued the following year, and shows some network simplifications – the lines between stations are shown with simple, gentle curves, rather than capturing the actual wiggles of the network.

But first and foremost this is a book capturing London.

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